What will it cost?

Few writers publish prices, but you want to know what it'll cost, right? See. I told you I know my audience.

I charge the same hourly rate as my plumber, although my rate is probably irrelevant to you because most clients like to work from a firm price quote.

To quote your project, we need to define its scope. My quote will be less when we have clear source material, a straightforward idea to convey and a streamlined approval process.

Projects cost more when I'm not writing so much as consulting - determining the strategy, discussing messaging alternatives, influencing culture and managing surprises.

Sample projects and their costs

For example, there's a lot of strategic thought and message development in this white paper that repositions this technology company. I did it in collaboration with the company's chief executive officer. It was a $6,000 undertaking that's still being used years later.

Sometimes the story isn't difficult. It's just long. Here's an article that cost $1,500 to write, and a few hundred more to coordinate with the publication.

That said, a sales letter or pocket-sized brochure can run as little as $390. That includes a fact-finding discussion, two revisions and proofreading of the final product.

Sometimes people come to me with an advertising concept that only needs words. The headline and copy in one of my favorite display ads cost just $400 to generate.

As for websites, I've written 10 succinct pages for $2,250; or an involved corporate site for $4,950.

I like to treat home pages and brochure covers like advertisements, with all the wit and punch a display ad conveys. For two of my favorites, click here ($1,500) and here ($2,350).

Let's build your brand and generate leads

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Copywriting by Patrick Gillam
Patrick Gillam