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Download PDFs from my portfolio here, but be forewarned -- these files are big. (They have to be if you're going to read the copy, which is kind of the point, right?)

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Assorted ads
These industrial ads follow a few different strategies. Some generate leads, others build the brand. One introduces a new product; another jabs at the competition.

A good story has more selling power than the best ad.

This is a tough category to populate because sites change so often, but here goes.

A few radio and television spots, all in health care, done for Mediastream -- www.mediastream.net. Heartwood Media did the production: heartwoodmedia.com.

Case studies and white papers
Case studies exploit the power of stories; white papers help prospects make informed purchase decisions.

Financial services
Talking money.

Healthcare has been a major part of my focus since 1999. I'm showing you mostly ads because they show my thinking at a glance.

Other work on this site
Click the links in the top navigation for ad agencies, businesses, designers, nonprofits and publications to see other examples from my portfolio.

Rejected concepts
Sometimes the powerful, strategic message is not what the client wants.

Copywriting by Patrick Gillam
Patrick Gillam